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{Bingo!} Horror Reading Card

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It seems that Tanya @ Girlxoxo.com has created a Horror Reading Card (inspired by the BINGO cards done by Stormy @ book.blog.bake) for this Halloween season. This isn't a competition, and there are no rewards, so I've decided I might as well give it a go - it sounds like fun! October is already almost half over, and sadly, I've only read two books, so I'm not gonna stress myself out over trying to compete for anything. Instead, I'll see how many of these I can mark off, and hopefully shoot for a regular ol' BINGO. Maybe I'll aim for completing row four. I'll list the books I read underneath the card once I complete them.

Creepy Cover
Small Town

Monday, October 13, 2014

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Elle is a survivor. Since the collapse of modern society, she's been living in the remains of downtown Hollywood, California, foraging for food and fighting for her life.

And then everything changes.

After she is forced out of her home, she heads north. What she finds is a group of bunker survivors, unlikely comrades, and the hope of a safe haven. Together, they journey toward the dregs of civilization, facing starvation, imprisonment and death.

They are alone, but they are ready.

Day Zero begins today.

Day Zero is a novella, the first installment in The Zero Trilogy, a novella series complementing the international bestselling Collapse Series.

And now a word from the author...

Why Post-Apocalyptic Fiction?

Many people ask me how I got started writing post-apocalyptic and survivalist fiction. The answer is that it found me. I have always loved survival and adventure stories – the more exciting, the better. I began writing my first post-apocalyptic story in high school, but I didn’t consider publishing a survival story until well after I had graduated. It occurred to me that people might ask themselves the same question as me: What would happen if the electricity went out permanently? What would happen if there were no cars, no food and no water? What if we were invaded by a shadow army and forced to defend ourselves?

These are all food-for-thought questions, and I got to play around with a lot of possible survival scenarios and conspiracy theories while building my story worlds. The more I wrote post-apocalyptic books, the more fascinated I became with the ideas, and the more I had to continue to write. I love the complete vulnerability that characters have when you remove them from their element of comfort on an entirely new level. Electricity? Cars? Cellphones? Computers? Running water? Get rid of all of it. It really strips characters’ humanity down and challenges their moral compass. Who will survive? Who will die? Who will learn to love and who will fall into the trap of hatred?

I love post-apocalyptic fiction because everyone can identify with the premise of what if? Day Zero fits into that niche perfectly! 

Writing about Post-Apocalyptic Hollywood and Santa Monica

Writers of post-apocalyptic fiction have the interesting task of taking the world in which we live and transforming it into an entirely different reality. For Day Zero, I chose Hollywood and Santa Monica, California, as the primary setting for my novella. Why those two cities? For one, I’m very familiar with them. I’ve spent a lot of time in southern California, visiting the Walk of Fame and Santa Monica Boulevard. It’s always best to base fiction on the legs of reality, so I went with what I knew.

I also recall asking myself the question, What would happen if Hollywood became uninhabitable? It’s interesting to think about the city without the glitz and glamour, with only the threads of civilization hanging on. I researched and visited famous places like Wilshire Boulevard, the Santa Monica Pier and Millions of Milkshakes on Santa Monica Boulevard. I believe grounding a story in something that exists makes it relatable to the reader – and fun for the author!

Summer Lane is the author of the international bestselling Collapse Series, which includes State of Emergency, State of Chaos, State of Rebellion and State of Pursuit. The fifth installment, State of Alliance, is releasing January 2015. Summer is also the author of The Zero Trilogy and an upcoming survivalist/science fantasy series coming in 2015. She owns WB Publishing, Writing Belle Magazine, and is an accomplished creative writing teacher and journalist.

Summer lives in the Central Valley of California, where she spends her time writing, teaching, and writing some more. When she is not writing, she enjoys leisurely visits with friends at coffee shops, dates to the movies, hiking in the mountains and strolling on the beach.

Author Links

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  • Fractured Dream, by K.M. Randall 
  • Spirit Warriors: The Scarring by DEL Connor 
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So, I was wandering around the blogosphere, randomly clicking on event links in an effort to discover new blogs (which, by the way, is a GREAT way to discover blogs), when I discovered this awesome event! Hosted by Jackie @ Bouquet of Books, Dani @ Entertaining Interests, and Mina @ Some Dark Romantic, Zombie Apocalypse: Survival Kit & Crew is an event that was created to celebrate premiere of the new season of The Walking Dead on AMC October 12th. Basically, bloggers must post their ideal crew & survival necessities based on the given categories. 

What makes it difficult is that you can only choose one person or item per given category, so you really need to choose wisely. After much careful thought, I have decided on the following:

*Items you already have on your person: undergarments, a shirt, bottoms, socks, tennis shoes, and a backpack

A Character from The Walking Dead
Daryl Dixon
Because he's Daryl Dixon, DUH!

A Character from a Book
Katniss Everdeen
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Katniss is an amazing shot with a bow and arrow, making her an excellent stealth fighter - when killing zombies, it's always better to be quiet so as not to attract the attention of even more zombies. Plus, she's a survivor.

A Character from a Movie
John McClane
Die Hard
John McClane is a complete badass, and he's also really great at getting himself out of dire situations. What's more - he's trustworthy, which would mean a lot during a zombie apocalypse. You'll always need someone who's got your back.

A Character from a Television Show
The 10th Doctor
Doctor Who
Because he's clever. And, TARDIS or not, if you ever find yourself needing to make a near-impossible escape, this is the guy/alien you'd want by your side.

A Loved One
My Brother Martin
Because it's always good to have a paramedic around.

A Friend
My friend Olga
Because I would miss our conversations. And I'd need someone to keep me sane.

A Freebie
Dean Winchester
Pfffttt....like I was really gonna leave him out of this? Dean Winchester can kick some major ass, and he's insanely loyal.

1 Comfort Item
Space Blanket
It can prevent hypothermia, be used for warmth or insulation, become a makeshift waterproof bag, or reflect the sun to create a signal for other survivors.

1 Weapon
An all-in-one weapon. It's light, efficient, and can be used to both bash-in zombie brains and pry open doors.

1 Luxury Item
A 3L Bottle of Jack
Might as well go big...it can be used as a disinfectant, but I can also drink it. So yes.

1 Food Item
It provides complete nutrition, which would be a rare thing in a world where you'd pretty much have to take what you can get when it comes to food.

1 Medicine/First Aid Item
Because why would I wanna make it through a zombie apocalypse only to die from a stupid wound infection?!

1 Hygiene Item
Hand Sanitizer
A simple and effective way to kill germs without having to waste my water supply.

1 Freebie
LifeSaver Water Bottle
Because water is a precious resource, and this would be one of the best ways of converting water sources you normally wouldn't touch with a ten-foot-pole into viable drinking reservoirs.

A small town somewhere in the middle of Texas, because Texas is bad-ass. And it'll be easier to find guns and ammo.

It probably started in China. Because why not? China is effing huge. Plus, the large population combined with globalization would ensure that the virus spreads quickly and efficiently. It's everywhere now.

I'm gonna say it'll probably be because of the money-hungry pharmaceutical industry. And bad hygiene. I can easily imagine some poor rotting corpse, pumped full of who knows what kind of drugs, causing some unsuspecting scavenger munching off of it (a rat, wild dog, etc.) to become a host to some freaky new strain of virus, that leads to re-animated (and hungry!) corpses once it mutates and carries over into humans.

Cure (if applicable)
Nope, there isn't one. The zombies may eventually rot away to extinction, but you'd have to survive long enough to see it happen. Sorry humanity, you did this to yourselves. Greedy bastards.

1 Item You NEED To Find
A silencer, because it would minimize the amount of nearby walkers that would hear you on that zombie killing spree you go on once you find some guns.

1 Item You WANT To Find
A cure. But you won't find it, because as I said, there isn't one. Sorry. You could continue to hope, though.

Method of Travel
Anything and everything...car, horse, feet, motorcycle, boat...it would depend on the situation, but I'd be inclined to use any and all available resources.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

{September Wrap-Up}

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Books Read
Movies Seen
Songs I Had On Repeat

Vocabulary Learned
niggle -  to cause slight but persistent annoyance, discomfort, or anxiety
(from Obsession by Jennifer L. Armentrout)

chassis - the base frame of a motor vehicle or other wheeled conveyance
(from The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan)
Most Viewed Posts

Countdown Survey
Thoughts On September

Wow - I sure read a lot of books this month. In fact, I've just completed my goal of reading 52 books for the year! This is pretty awesome, considering I was in a big reading slump once summer started, and had been about 13 books or so behind in my reading goals. I feel like I cheated a bit, since the only reason I read so many books was because I had started the Lux and the Bloodlines series, both of which are impossible to stop once they've been started.

But one thing I'm disappointed about is that I'm still really behind on my reviews. I haven't written a book review in ages, and I'm actually in the process of tweaking how I write them. Normally, I just read a book and write the review afterwards, but I think that now I am either going to have to keep a notebook to write down my thoughts while I'm reading, or start using my voice recorder to record my thoughts vocally. I tend to have stronger thoughts while I'm actually reading the book then I do once I am finished with it, and I don't want to leave anything out in my reviews. If you have any tips, I'll be glad to hear them!

Also, OCTOBER STARTS TOMORROW!!! Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I will be on the lookout for any Halloween-related blog events I can find. If you know of any, please let me know - I'd love to check them out!

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Falling for Autumn Read-a-thon

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Today is the first day of the Falling for Autumn Read-a-thon, which is hosted by Ner @ A Cup of Coffee and a Book!!! For those of you who may not have noticed, I was in a major reading slump this year, which I managed to get out of after both starting The Jade Series by Allie Everhart and by finally going to the library and renewing my card (after so many years). So, since I've been back to devouring books lately, I figured, why not another read-a-thon?

Here's a look at what the official challenges for this read-a-thon are:

* Read a total of four (4) books
* Read at least 150 pages per day
* Read a book with an autumnal color on the cover (red, orange, brown, gold)
* Read a book with a male protagonist
* Read the first or last book in a series

The Lightning Thief and The Maze Runner both feature male protagonists and are the first in their respective series. Vampires in the Lemon Grove features fall colors by having a gold cover with a red-orange font on the front. And finally, Throne of Glass is the first in a series, and has been sitting on my shelf for a while despite being a library book (I should get to it soon.) These books may change, since usually when I start a series I will continue it immediately, but we shall see - I have a good feeling about finishing the first two, at least.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Chocolate Book Tag

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I saw this tag over at Chiachic's Book Nook and just new I had to participate! Rather than tag anyone in particular, Chiachic opened it up for any of her readers to join in, which is exactly what I decided to do. Here are my answers; 

Dark Chocolate
A Book That Covers A Dark Topic


White Chocolate
Your Favorite Light-Hearted/Humorous Read


Milk Chocolate
A Book With A Lot Of Hype That You're Dying To Read


Chocolate With A Caramel Center
A Book That Made You Feel All Gooey In The Middle While Reading


Wafer-Free KitKat
A Book That Surprised You Lately


A Book That You Are Going Nuts About


Hot Chocolate w/ Cream & Marshmallows
A Book You Would Turn To For Comfort


Box Of Chocolates
A Series You Feel Has "A Little Something For Everyone"


Feel free to join in on the tag, and let me know if you do so that I can check out your answers!