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Citizen by Natasha House

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My Summary
Citizen takes place on a future Earth - one where an alien race calling themselves 'Citizens' have taken over, keeping humans as slaves. There is even a company called Human Co, which is responsible for capturing humans who live in the wild, grooming them, and selling them to Citizens. Citizens are powerful creatures, holding on to an ancient power which allows them to shoot fire and electricity from their bodies, which they often use to keep their humans in check. 

One human male, named Lend, gets captured and sold by Human Co to a Citizen named Lila, who is actually the sister of the head of Human Co, Morthane. Over time, Lend and Lila start to develop feelings for each other, despite relationships between humans and Citizens being against the law. Thus, Lila decides to leave the city with Lend and live in the wilds with a human settlement. Eventually, the unrest between humans and Citizens grows stronger, and Lend believes there is no choice but for humans to start fighting back for their rights. With the help of a specially developed suit, which grants him powers similar to those of the Citizens, Lend decides to rally the humans together in an effort to win back their freedom.

What I Liked Best
Citizen is a very imaginative novel. I actually found myself curious towards both the story-line and the characters. I had never read a book which involved humans being enslaved by an alien race, so I was fascinated by the concept. I also liked reading about Lila's character - I found her and her back-story rather interesting.

What I Liked Least
The novel could use some heavy editing. There were some typos in the kindle version, but what annoyed me the most were that some of the descriptions were lacking, such as describing a girl as "large and pregnant," a city as "large and beautiful," or a room as "large...[like] his personality." There were also moments when the book would be taking place in one setting with one character, and all of a sudden it would jump to another setting with another character, without a warning or a decent transition. It wasn't bad enough to make me put down the novel, but as I said, it was rather annoying. Plus, the ending of the book seemed rushed to me, and everything was tied up too easily.

Overall Thoughts
While there were some issues with the writing, I still found Citizen to be an entertaining read. The plot was interesting, and kept me reading until the very end, but I probably won't read it a second time. The price for the kindle version was also affordable - only $2.99. I'd say give it a try, if you're into science fiction or dystopian novels.



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