Tuesday, July 17, 2012

{Fall 2012} TV Series Based on Books

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Is anyone else out there as excited for the new fall lineup as I am? There are some great-looking shows coming out this year, and a few of them are based on books. For some reason, I prefer when books are made into TV series more often when they're made into movies. Here's a peek at what I'm looking forward to most:

666 Park Avenue (ABC)

Based on the books by Gabriella Pierce:

Beauty and the Beast (CW)

Based on the fairy-tale (and quite possibly that show from the 1980s). I hated Kristin Kreuk in Smallville, but she actually looks kinda cool in this.

Recommended Reading:

Arrow (CW)

Based on the DC Comics. And a spin-off of Smallville. Anyone else sad that Justin Hartley is not Green Arrow? I'll give it a shot, anyway...

Recommended Reading:

Other shows I'm looking forward to:
Yes, I watch too much TV. I know there's supposed to be a CW show coming out based on The Selection, but I think I read that it may be coming out mid-season, rather than with the rest of the Fall lineup. Also The Carrie Diaries will be airing on CW, but I'm not really that interested. Maybe I'll check it out if a trailer is released, but I never watched Sex and the City, so it's not anything I'm anticipating. What shows are you guys looking forward to?

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