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Sunday, July 01, 2012 with 2 comments
A Meme By The Story Siren

Okay, so this week, I got three books that I cannot wait to read! I may be a little late to start jumping on these bandwagons, but I finally got Graceling by Kristin Cashore and City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I figured I should get around to reading them, since everyone seems to love them. I mean, there's gotta be a reason they're bestsellers, right? Both were impulse buys I made at Wal-Mart, since they were cheap.

Also, I finally got Dead Surround by Celis T Rono, which is the second book in The Julia Poe Vampire Chronicles. I purchased the first book on Amazon a couple months ago, and I had loved it! I bought this one on Amazon as well. I really look forward to reading this sequel - lots of action and vampire ass-kicking! No sparkles in this one, sorry.

And finally, a little something awesome that I had purchased on Etsy and thought I should share:

A Merlin bookmark set! It has Arthur, Merlin, and Guinevere - I love them all! If you are interested in checking out the Etsy shop, it's called Bethy Designs. She also has Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Sherlock bookmarks as well. I, personally, would love to have them all. They're so cute! And great quality...Sorry I can't say the same for the pic I took - there wasn't enough lighting, but there are better pics on the Etsy shop.


  1. You're going to enjoy city of Bones so much! Its an awesome book!!!!


  2. Aww! Those bookmarks are adorable!

    A lot of people love The Mortal Instrument series so I hope you do too. It wasn't my absolutely favorite but I did enjoy it.

    Happy reading!


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