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The Book Chat is a weekly meme hosted by Sweet Green Tangerine on Thursdays. Each week there is a new topic up for discussion, and this week's topic asks "Who is your favorite author?" My answer would have to be this guy right here:

John Green

I'll tell you why. John Green has not only written some of the most amazing and bestselling books for today's youth (without the need for paranormal creatures or sequels), but he has also been the co-host of the popular YouTube channel, Vlogbrothers, along with his brother, Hank. He is my favorite author because in addition to reading his books, I am also connected to him through his videos, which make me feel as though I actually know him. John Green is not just an author I love, but my friend. I have been watching his videos as they have been released - three times a week since 2007. That's a lot!

I love that he enjoys staying connected to his fans - enough so to start such a large and awesome community of Nerdfighters, and chat with them not only through YouTube, but also through sites like Tumblr and Twitter. Knowing more about how an author is as a person really makes their books more meaningful to me. Not that his books wouldn't be any less awesome if I hadn't seen a Vlogbrothers video, it just helps to know the man behind the words. I mean, Looking for Alaska was the only book I've read that I had to set down because I started crying my eyes out and re-evaluating my life. A book has never made me feel that much before. 

Plus, John Green writes in an engaging way - he has me hanging on to each and every sentence. I always feel for his characters, and while a couple of his novels make me emotional at certain points, he still has this way of always making me laugh out loud - which can be a bit embarrassing if I'm out in public.

Books By John Green

Let It Snow (also featuring stories by Maureen Johnson & Lauren Myracle)
Will Grayson ,Will Grayson (a collaboration with David Levithan)
Zombicorns (a novella)


While John Green is my absolute favorite author, I do have some other favorites. They are: Charles Dickens, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Ray Bradbury, and Dean Koontz.


  1. You have totally inspired me to go pick up Looking for Alaska. I keep saying I'll do it but I never get around to it. I've also heard that The Fault in Our Stars is great too. So glad to have stopped by to get some new books to add to the "must read" list.

    1. I'm very glad! It's one of those books you wish everyone in the world would read. It stays with you. :)

  2. Why no J K Rowling mentioned :P

    Thanks for being a new follower, and putting up our promo button majiggy (can you tell that Sarah's the technological genius behind all this?)

    1. Haha - whoops. Well I figure she's a give-in anyway, since HP is my favorite series of ALL TIME. But yeah, it is a lovely button. :)

  3. I love John Green! I've only read A Fault in our Stars but it quickly jumped to my "all-time favorite" list. Great author!
    Thanks for joining us this week! Hope you join us again :)

    1. Glad you loved it! And thanks - it's a great meme!


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