Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Meme By Sweet Green Tangerine

Ever since e-readers came out, this debate has brought on much screaming and yelling from both sides of the table. Personally, I have always been a fan of the printed word, and thought that the idea of reading on an e-reader would just feel plain weird. Still, during the start of my senior year of college, I started reading up on the Kindle, and all of the benefits of owning one. The biggest one, to me, was the ease of portability. 

I went to school in San Antonio, lived in El Paso, and spent summers in Austin, so I traveled by plane a lot. Not to mention a semester spent abroad in London, with many weekend trips. I bought books everywhere I went, and it became burdensome to have to buy a book again because I had left my copy at home, or to leave a book behind because it took to much space, etc. So I splurged and treated myself to the Kindle 3 (I think they re-named it somewhere along the line to the Kindle Keyboard) and a simple case (a zipped one, as I like to read with a naked Kindle):

I chose a Kindle because I was already a huge Amazon fan, and also had their free year of Amazon Prime for students. Let me tell you, this was a purchase I did not regret. Reading on my Kindle is so easy to me now, and I always have tons of books with me wherever I go. Of course, I still buy printed books all the time - if I love a book I read on the Kindle, I have to get a physical copy. It's also very comforting to feel a real book in my hands. But the thing is, I really don't see a point in choosing sides. I will always love printed books, but I also love getting to carry around a mini-library with me. 

Plus, the Kindle 3 is perfect for me, because it's meant for reading and nothing more. I don't care for anything with a back-light, because those are bad for your eyes. I also don't need to watch movies or play games on it, because that's what my laptop is for. All I wanted was a device for reading, and that's what I got. And battery life is great - I can go through a couple weeks of reading on it without having to charge it. My only worry is that I fear I may somehow break it - it's so lightweight!

So, what do you guys think? Do you have an e-Reader yourself?


  1. I wanted an ereader for a long time before I got mine and I love it so much. Though I'll never stop reading printed books. I completely agree with you on having a dedicated reader. I don't need all that other stuff and the ones that look like computer screens hurt my eyes.

  2. I forgot to mention that about buying a book if you loved it on the Kindle. I'm the same way. I won't buy it full price (I'd go broke quickly) but I love to own all of my favorite books, even if they sit unread. It's just nice to have them there and flip through for fun when I'm bored.
    Thanks for linking up!! You made a lot of great points :)


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