Thursday, August 16, 2012


Chapters 11 - 16 Questions

1) I do have a soft spot for Charley's Aunt Lilian. She is sweet and soft while somehow also being a little dirty and I find that hilarious in an aunt. Do you have any relatives dead or alive that remind you of Aunt Lillian? If not, tell me about your favorite deceased relative. 

Not really. I don't really know any of my relatives. I suppose my favorite deceased relative would be my dad? What a strange question...he's the only one I knew, anyway. He was nothing like Aunt Lillian though - I don't think I even know anyone like her...

2) In these chapters, we get a little closer to Reyes and his secrets. Neil, the warden at the prison where Reyes is currently incarcerated - and a high school mate of Charley's - tells a story about how Reyes ended up in the Coma and something he witnessed. What do you think of the story? What does this lead you to think about Reyes?

I believe the story. Reyes is definitely something supernatural, but not something Charley's seen before. Something different. I just don't know what yet....maybe a demon or something?

3) One of the things I love most about Ubie and Charley's relationship is that Ubie aka Uncle Bob has absolute faith in our Charley. Maybe it's because Charley's been solving murder cases for ages and Ubie knows that Charley knows things. If you could pick a super power, which one would you choose? Seeing the dead? Invisibility?

You know, now that I think of it, I would probably choose her powers. It would just be so interesting to see and speak with the dead. Plus, if I could also speak and understand every language that ever existed, that'd be great, too. It'd open up a whole new world to me.

4) Okay, in my opinion, there is nothing better than walking into your living room and seeing the god-like creature of your dreams standing there waiting for you. If you were in Charley's shoes, who would be standing in your living room??

Mmmm....I don't know. The Doctor. Preferably in his Tenth incarnation, but I'm not too picky. Could he have the TARDIS with him? I'll say yes.

5) We get a surprise visit from Rosie's husband and we find out some information about Reyes...that he and The Big Bad are the same guy. What are your thoughts? Were you surprised about Rosie's husband or did you feel that one coming? What about Bad Reyes, had you already made the connection?

I felt it coming. Charley's thoughts keep going back to Rosie in her free time, so I felt there was more coming with that. Maybe there still is. I also had made the connection with Reyes. It was too easy, really.


  1. I am sure your dad was a spectacular guy! I don't know having the dead pester you day and night, now the language thing would be way cool! Who is the Doctor?

    1. Haha - The Doctor is a fictional character (from Doctor Who). It did say to pick the creature of our dreams...

  2. I would like to speak to the dead but I wouldn't want hoardes of them coming at me to help them with their unfinished business. I made the connection with Reyes too. I had a feeling.

  3. I think Charley's ability to learn and speak every language is so freaking awesome. I would love to have that superpower!

  4. I'd probably get creeped out if I could speak to the dead. Or maybe I'd get used to it, I dunno. -__-


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