Tuesday, August 07, 2012

1) Noah and Echo create a plan to read their files. What do you think of this plan? Would you read your friend's file first knowing you might not have time to read your own? Would you want to read your own file?

I can say right now that I'm too much of a chicken to even think of doing something like that, so I'm not crazy about that plan. I would for sure read my friend's file first, if the situation ever arised, because as I said, I wouldn't be too keen on the idea in the first place, so if it's more important to my friend, then sure, I'd put them first.

2) Mrs. Collin's starts to earn Noah's trust by taking him to see his brother win a writing contest. What do you think of how she's handling Noah? How would you feel if you were in Noah's position, hearing that your brother sees you as his hero?

I think she's "handling" him great - she's doing what she can to ensure he see's his brothers more, and that particular visit really helped him to see that his brother's love him just as much as he loves them. If I were in Noah's position, I'd feel very touched, and also proud.

3) Echo is starting to draw and paint again. She's starting to express her feelings as she remembers what happened that day. Art therapy seems to be a popular way for people to deal with their feelings. Why do you think Echo's dad didn't want her to continue with art since it was such a big part of her, and is part of so many people's therapy in dealing with similar issues?

Echo's dad seems torn about whether or not he wants Echo to really remember what had happened that day. He mistakenly seems to think he's doing what's best for her by controlling her class schedule and extracurricular activities.

4) We see how crazy Beth's home life is and we start to understand why she is not as keen to be trusting with people in her life. At the same time, we get to see how fiercely loyal Noah is. What do you think of the way Noah reacted to Beth being beaten by her mother's boyfriend? Do you it's showing bad behavior that could get Noah in more trouble or the act of a true friend?

Noah's a great friend in that he truly cares about his friends, but he was acting off his emotions at the time, rather than with his head. It was a stupid move, in that getting caught would probably have kept him from seeing his brothers again, but you can't really blame him. Still, I wish he would have just called the cops on that douche-bag instead.

5) Echo has an unusual name. What do you think of the story behind it? Is there a Greek myth or other story that would inspire you to name a child after a character?

I think she has an awesome name - and I liked hearing about the story behind it! Granted, it was a rather depressing story, what with Echo losing her voice and being forced to only repeat others, but it was unique. I haven't come across any particular names in Greek mythology that I'd care to name a kid after. In books, I do love the name Hermione, but I don't think I'd be able to use that name for a kid, as it'll probably just cause a lot of rolled eyes.

6) Echo's big thing is trying to find "normal" again. She doesn't want to be the scared girl or the girl who can't remember what happened to her, she just wants to be normal. This goal impacts her relationship with her family, friends, Noah and her ex, Luke. But at the end of this section, Echo is starting to figure out that there's no going back to old normal and she's going to have to find a new normal. How big of a step is it for Echo when she realizes she's not "in" love with Luke and figures out that she does need to find a new normal?

I was so happy when she finally figured this out! She was really starting to get on my nerves a bit. It was an extremely important realization, and pretty much changed her whole course in life. No more acting shallow!

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  1. Thank you so much for participating!!! Yes, I agree Echo's dad tries hard to do what he things is best for her and forgets a whole lot to think about her ;( It's sad to see!


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