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Top 10 Favorite Kick-Ass Heroines

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 with 4 comments

A Meme By The Broke and the Bookish

1) Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) - Self-explanatory, really. I mean, she turns into a total bad-ass during the games, and goes through so much but still remains true to herself.
2) Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) - Come on, you knew Hermione would be on this list. She kicks ass with a wand, and every time I think of her I imagine her punching Malfoy in the face.
3) Vicki Nelson (Blood Ties) - A private investigator who works with a vampire on cases that turn out to be supernatural? Vicki Nelson is so kick ass. Granted, I first heard of her on the Canadian TV series, Blood Ties, but the books really were even more amazing (when are they not?) and I am so glad I read them. Check 'em out, yeah? They're by Tanya Huff.
4) Mercy Thompson (Mercedes Thompson Series) - I love Mercy. She's a mechanic who lives in a trailer and shapeshifts into a coyote, and takes shit from no one. Plus, her and her werewolf boyfriend are just so cute together.
5) Elizabeth Bennet (Pride & Prejudice) - Lizzy kicks-ass with what really counts - her brain. She's smart and witty in a society where people care too much about finding the perfect husband or wife to stand away from the crowd, and isn't afraid to speak her mind. I just love how she takes care of her sisters and sticks to her beliefs.
6) Suze Simon (The Mediator) - Suze helps send ghosts off to the other side, and when those ghosts don't want to go quietly, she certainly has no problem beating the crap outta them. 
7) Katie & Jenni (As The World Dies Trilogy) - I had to put them both on here - Katie and Jenni are both survivors at the start of a Zombie Apocalypse. Both of them have lost people they cared about, but both find strength in each other and find ways to pull through. Plus, they quickly learn how to kill zombies, and are really bad-ass at it. I also kinda love how crazy Jenni gets, even though it's really her way of coping with all the crazy around her.
8) Charley Davidson (Charley Davidson Series) - I just love Charley! She's so fun, witty, and full of spunk! The fact that she's the grim reaper and can talk to ghosts is just an added bonus. Plus, she named her boobs "Danger" and "Will Robinson." 
9) Julia Poe (Julia Poe Vampire Chronicles) - So she's a bit on the crazy side from spending so much time alone locked up to hide herself away from a vampire infested world, but she's not afraid to kick some major bloodsucker ass. Plus, she taught herself how to fight from watching her heroes on TV, which include people like Bruce Lee and Xena: Warrior Princess.
10) Verity Price (InCryptid) - She's a cryptozoologist/ballroom dancer/free-runner. 'Nough said.


  1. I agree with Katniss and Hermione! I've been meaning to read the Mercy Thompson series for a while now, and seeing her included on your list has got me excited to get to it!

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  2. Great list! I also added Katniss and Hermione. I was thinking of Elizabeth too but didn't add her.

    New follow!

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  3. Absolutely to Hermione and Elizabeth Bennet! They both made it on my list, as well. I can't think of two literary women more deserving of the kickass title.

  4. Suze is so awesome -- love that she made your list. =)

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