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The Sunday Post
In The News
Amazon launches Kindle First, which allows Prime members to get a free book of their choice each month before the release date (non-prime members can purchase said eBooks at $1.99), as well as Kindle MatchBook, which allows all members to purchase low cost (or even free) Kindle versions of books that they had previously bought in their physical form.
On YouTube
The Vegan Zombie shows you how to make a yummy, non-dairy version of our favorite Harry Potter drink - Butterbeer!

Improv Everywhere has started a great new segment based on the success of their Ghostbusters video called 'Movies In Real Life,' which is absolutely hilarious! I recommend you check out: Back To The Future & The Matrix, and to keep things bookish, there's a Lord of the Rings vid, too!
Around The Blogosphere
Book Soulmates is back with their Christmas edition of Random Acts of Kindness, in which participants are matched with each other at random, and exchange a bookish gift based on each others' wishlists via snail mail. Sign-ups will be open until November 24th.

On that note, Broke & Bookish is also hosting their 4th Annual Broke & Bookish Secret Santa - you have until November 17th to decide if you'd like to sign-up and join in on the fun!

The 2013 Holiday Gift Guide @ Fantabulously Frugal is now live! If you're in need of some holiday gift inspiration, there are some great ideas that fit all sorts of budgets to be found here. I'm sure a gift guide for book lovers will be posted soon - though there are already many good bookish ideas sprinkled throughout some of the posts already (such as a Hunger Games chocolate bar library).

I Am A Reader, Not A Writer is hosting a Kindle Fire HDX Giveaway this month - have you entered yet?
Bookish Lists
5 Books That Predicted The Internet - The Barnes & Noble Book Blog
100 Great Children's Books - New York Public Library
This Week's Interesting Releases
What's New On My Bookshelf

Penelope by Marilyn Kaye
Adapted From The Screenplay By Leslie Caveny

I absolutely adore the 2006 film, Penelope, and while this is a novelization of the movie, rather than a book the movie is based on (because there isn't one), I would still like to read it. I love the story, and I'm curious to see if the book is as fun to read as the movie is to watch. And for those of you who haven't seen the film, and who like fairy tales, I highly recommend it! There are some truly beautiful scenes in it, plus, Peter Dinklage and James McAvoy!!!
And Dinklage wears an eyepatch!
I also managed to snag some great freebies from the Kindle store:



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