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{Top 10 of 2013} Best Villains of 2013

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Merry Christmas! Today's topic was bloggers choice, and I decided that it would be more fun to chose the best villains that I've encountered this year through my reading. Luckily, this list can refer to villains from any book I read this year, not just the ones released in 2013. This means I have a better pool of villains to choose from! Here are some of the best villains that I came across this year (in no particular order):

Lex Luthor 

Lex Luthor was all sorts of fun to read about in this book! He's always been one of my favorite DC villains, and Maggin portrayed him fantastically in this novel.

How creepy would it be to have a demon stalking you? Plus, you never knew what form he would take, since he was able to possess all kinds of people.

Lola LeFever 
Lola LeFever was all sorts of awesome, and totally batshit crazy. I loved reading from her POV - she was a good comic book villain.

The Angels
I know, I know - I picked them last year, but they were still as crazy as ever in the second book, so I had to list them again. Especially that scene at the party where they rip apart the humans to shreds.

Long John Silver
Long John Silver is a very notable villain, and for good reason, too. It's hard not to like him because of the friendship he develops with Jim Hawkins, but he is quite a fearsome pirate, and fun to read about.

The Slashers
These guys are sick! They take people off the streets and drain their blood to sell to members of the Echelon, and they're ruthless.

The Vampire

Definitely not sparkly or beautiful, the vampires in this novel have pretty much been reduced to basic carnal instincts, and they have brute strength and strong senses to boot. Very scary, since they truly are monsters.

Mrs. Patterson
Mrs. P makes this list because she's a freakin' teacher's aide, and she (just out of nowhere) decides to kidnap an autistic child and keep him locked in a hidden room in her basement. People like that are insanely scary.

The Mutated Zombies
I don't know what possessed T. Michael Martin to mutate the zombies in his novel like he did, but those things are FAST - and creepy as hell.

Blanche & Her Sister
They make the list just for being the biggest b*tches I've read about this year. Nobody wants to be around self-entitled holier-than-thou psychos during a zombie apocalypse. Ain't nobody got time for that!


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