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Waiting On: Storykiller by Kelly Thompson

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Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme, hosted by Breaking the Spine, which features upcoming releases that I am anticipating the most! Here's what I can't wait to read at the moment:

by Kelly Thompson
The monster under the bed is real.

In fact, all the monsters are real, as well as the heroes and everything in between because all Fiction is real and exists in a dimension called Story. However, plenty of them hang out in the Mortal world, living both innocent and nefarious lives. This might not mean much to the average Mortal unaware of the Fictional characters living among them, but for The Last Scion--the only Mortal that can kill those Fictional characters--things are about to become very complicated.

Tessa Battle is that Mortal.

Upon her return to Lore, Oregon after years bouncing around boarding schools in Europe, Tessa had her sights set on simple things like shoe shopping, finding a hot boyfriend, and eating as many pancakes as humanly possible. However, the Last Scion mantle Tessa just got saddled with is not making any of that easy, and as Tessa and her new friends are about to learn, Story is long from done with her, no matter how much she'd like to deny her destiny.

With more than one monster chasing her and questionable characters like The Snow Queen and Robin Hood as her allies, Tessa is going to need all the superpowers she inherited just to stay alive. 

And maybe, just maybe, it's a GOOD thing that behind her back, Stories call her THE STORYKILLER.

Why I Can't Wait To Read This
I knew I wanted to read this book before I even got the chance to actually read the excerpt - I really enjoyed reading Kelly Thompson's previous prose novel, The Girl Who Would Be King, and had pretty much added her to my mental 'insta-buy authors' list once I had finished reading it. I'm so glad she's releasing another book!

Plus, who's never wondered what would happen if certain fictional characters were actually real?! It seems that Thompson has finally penned my childhood daydreams into something I can actually hold in my hand! Not to mention all of the great comic book artists who are going to have artwork featured in the hardcover edition of the novel - I can't even put my feelings into words right now...

Instead, Brand’s eyes lit up. “Whoa. Like, Batman? Batman is real!?” 

Midas sighed. “Yes. He’s real. And frankly? He’s kind of a dick.”

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*courtesy of author Kelly Thompson, from her blog

If you like what you see, please check out the author's blog for some cool behind-the-scenes extras!



I honestly didn't find the cover scary when I first saw it - I just assumed it was showcasing the intensity of the protagonist. If you compare it to Buffy, then this image would be Tessa's "battle face."

The story itself seems to be rather lighthearted compared to the more intense cover - I can see how it's described as "Buffy-like" in that it so far reads like an actual episode of the show (the heroine is kick-ass, yes, but she's also still a teenage girl, and worries about your average issues while also dealing with defeating the bad guys). There is also light humor sprinkled throughout the story, like a BtVS episode.

I'm enjoying it so far! Tessa is an interesting character, and the "real" fictional characters mentioned thus far were really fun to read about (BATMAN!!!) I can't wait to see who else gets mentioned or cameoed in the story! 

If you're worried about the cover, but enjoyed the synopsis, then I recommend you check out the first seven chapters, which won't take long to read, and judge for yourself whether or not this novel is something you'd be interested in. I, for one, am totally excited! 


  1. The cover creeps me out too much I'd have a hard time reading it. Hope you can stop by mine.

  2. So here's what I need to know. What fictional character *becomes* her hot boyfriend?
    Also, I have to agree with Moirae--the cover does freak me out a bit. :) Here's my WoW. :)

  3. Haven't heard of this one but the cover is really cool!

  4. Wow, in love with the synopsis! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. I'm loving the synopsis! This sounds amazing!

  6. Wow, hadn't heard of this one at all - I love the concept. Checking out the Kickstarter now. Thanks for sharing!

    Come visit my WoW!

  7. This sounds fabulous! It reminds me a little of Enchanted which takes pieces of a bunch of fairy tales and puts them in one book. I'll have to check out the excerpt. Great pick!

    Here's mine.

  8. Kimberly!

    Thanks so much for the shout out!

    To those thrown by the cover, while there are horror type elements (we are of course dealing with fairytales and other elements of classic fiction, so horror comes with the territory) I don't think Storykiller is particularly scary. It's more "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" type of scary if that makes sense?

    Perhaps since Kimberly has read the excerpt can speak to how scary she thinks it is - obviously I'm a bit too close to it! That said, I am not known (thus far) for puling punches in my maybe it's more intense than I realize?

    Thanks everyone for the kind words - and I hope those of you that try it will enjoy it!


    1. Thank you for stopping by, Kelly! It made my day to look through my email and see your Kickstarter update about the new book - now I have something to tide me over until The God Slayer comes out.

      I've made an edit to my post to address any concerns in regards to the cover (which looks awesome, by the way - bless you, Stephanie Hans!!), and I'm eagerly awaiting your next Kickstarter update for more info on this project!

      Take care!

  9. This one sounds and looks awesome! Great pick!

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  10. That cover is awesome! And this book sounds so good. Happy to know of it now.


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