Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I Am A World Book Night 2014 Book Giver!

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As some of you may be aware, April 23rd (today!) is World Book Night, a night in which millions of "book givers" around the world will be handing out free books to those who are light- or even non-readers. As a book giver, I was given a list of pre-selected books to choose from, with my selection being the book that I would be handing out tonight. I chose Wild by Cheryl Strayed, a memoir about a woman suffering from depression who decides to hike the Pacific Crest Trail (eleven-hundred miles) solo without any training or experience, in an effort to heal herself.

I chose this book because I felt that it would appeal to a wide audience, and I thought that people would be more likely to read it if they knew it was a true story by an author that they would be able to connect with. I will be giving out 20 copies of this book today to some random El Pasoans at my local public bus station, which I felt was a good choice, because it would give people something to read during their bus ride(s)!

And for those of you who may be curious as to what this year's book choices were, here they are:

I'm actually slightly terrified that I may freak people out from offering them free books, so hopefully this goes well! I contemplated choosing a Spanish-language book option to hand out, since most people where I live are Spanish-speakers, but I myself don't know any Spanish, so I wouldn't be able to explain to them why I was giving out free books. Hopefully I made the right choice....wish me luck!

Are any of you signed up as World Book Night givers? If so, what book did you choose and why?


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