Friday, July 11, 2014

It's almost time for the 2014 Fall Lineup, and let me tell you - there are a lot of shows coming out this year that are based on not only books, but comic books! Here's a look at what's to come (FYI, I've intentionally left out shows that are slated to be released in 2015):

Constantine (NBC)

Based on the DC comics. Warning: does not contain Keanu Reeves.

Recommended Reading:

Emerald City (NBC)

There hasn't been a trailer released yet, but like the name suggests, it's a re-telling of The Wizard of Oz. The executive producer of the series also produced Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, so here's hoping he has some influence on how this show turns out.

Recommended Reading:


The Flash (CW)

Yet another television series based on a comic book character, only this time, it's The Flash! It's a spin-off of Arrow, which I love, but am rather behind on. I'm excited for this one! Plus, it doesn't hurt that Grant Gustin makes pretty good eye-candy (he's only one year younger than me, so I can say that!)

Recommended Reading:

Fresh Off The Boat (ABC)

I don't know what to think of this - so far ABC's fall line-up includes a show about African Americans (Black-ish), Mexican Americans (Cristela) and now one about Asian Americans. All of them are half-hour sitcoms. See a pattern, here? At least this one is based on a best-selling memoir.

Recommended Reading:

Gotham (FOX)

About time they make a new Batman television series! Granted, this one is`more about a pre-Batman version of Gotham City, and follows a young Detective Gordon, but you still get the basic origin stories for both Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle (later on known as Catwoman.) I am hopeful - this is definitely one of the most talked about series starting this Fall.

Recommended Reading:

iZombie (CW) 

Yup, you guessed it - another show based on a comic book. There isn't a trailer out for this one yet, but the promo picks don't really seem to speak to me. Who knows.

Recommended Reading:

Outlander (STARZ)

I really need to get around to reading this series! I'm hoping the show is okay, since it's on a premium network, but I don't think I've ever seen a STARZ original series, so I'm not sure what to think yet. The cinematography looks lovely though, and I know the novels have a huge following. I should start reading them before this comes out...

Recommended Reading:

The Whispers (ABC) 

Based on the creepy short story "Zero Hour" by Ray Bradbury. This actually sounds appealing...

Recommended Reading:

I think I'm most excited to see The Flash and Gotham - I'm a sucker for superheroes, after all! Of course, there are some other great shows coming out that aren't book related at all, but that's another post for another day.

Did I miss something? If so, please let me know in the comments!


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