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Top 10 Favorite TV Shows

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A Meme By The Broke and the Bookish
Everyone was given the opportunity to list some of their favorite movies AND television shows, but I had a hard time just narrowing things down to ten for each category that I don't think I could have beared narrowing them each down to five. Instead, I chose to just stick with one category, and TV was the winner! After agonizingly picking and choosing the shows that would make the final cut, I finally decided on the following:

I absolutely LOVE this show!!! It may be my favorite show of all time, though I admit that lately I've been having a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. I think I'm still going through withdrawal from Russell T. Davies's departure. And David Tennant's. Still, I have really high hopes for Peter Capaldi (who will be playing the next incarnation of the Doctor.) Gosh, this show makes me wanna travel through time and space so bad!

One of the best shows about kickin' monster ass, eating pie, and listening to classic rock that I have ever seen. Plus, there's Cas. Lot's of Cas. And did I mention the pie? Mmmm...

I love anything as long as it has Peter Dinklage, and 'Game of Thrones' is no exception. There's action, adventure, blood, dragons, incest, intrigue, revenge...what more do you need? Oh, that's right - Kit Harington. Don't worry, he's there, too. Though sadly, I still have yet to read the books. I'll get to them, I promise!

I can't imagine going through life without watching this show. Every single episode still has the power to make me laugh uncontrollably, even to this day. It is utter perfection, and one of the best sitcoms that I have ever seen in my life. Period.

For the longest time, I just could not admit that 'The Vampire Diaries' had become one of my favorite shows. I suppose that may be due to the fact that Elena Gilbert is the most annoying protagonist that I have ever encountered in prime-time television. Still, every episode manages to keep me glued to the screen. Not to mention, the songs featured in the show are AWESOME, and there are plenty of hot vampires to keep me satisfied.

Until I started watching 'Smallville,' I never really cared much about superman. I guess all the previous portrayals of the character just made him seem rather boring. This show completely changed my mind about Clark Kent, though. Plus, Erica Durance plays the most kick-ass Lois I have ever seen. Too bad this series had to end, but at least it lasted a good 10 seasons first.

My list would not be complete without some 'Boy Meets World!' I think I love this show as much as I love 'Friends.' Maybe more. But while Cory and Topanga make a really cute couple, it was the bromance between Cory and Shawn that really made the show. In fact, their bromance is the best that I've ever seen in a television series.

I only hope that the new sequel, 'Girl Meets World,' keeps at least *some* of the charm that made its predecessor so successful. I'll try and keep an open mind, but one can only hope.

Most addicting cartoon series, ever. Even 'The Legend of Korra' is really good, though not as great as this original series. I just can't get enough of the beautiful animation! And, there are so many running gags and background jokes sprinkled throughout the show that almost every time I re-watch it, I find something I didn't catch the previous time around. My favorite character? Zuko, of course.

Perhaps the longest-running anime series that I have ever watched. Even though I am a bit behind, I am so emotionally invested in this show that I honestly don't know what I will do once it ends. With 220 episodes in the main Naruto series, and almost 400 episodes in the Naruto: Shippuden series (in addition to the manga, movies and video games), one would think there'd be enough Naruto to tie one over for many lifetimes to come. But one would be wrong.

Where would I be without my regular dose of Sheldon? I love that this show continuously cracks me up, and I can't get enough of the nerdy references! 

Honorable Mentions
(Because some shows I just could NOT leave out!)

Trust me when I say that I am always on the lookout for the next greatest show. Please leave me some recommendations in the comments! :)


  1. I love Friends and Boy Meets World (sadly I have not heard super great things about Girl Meets World) and of course The Big Bang Theory!

    1. :( Oh well, if Girl Meets World doesn't work out, I can just continue re-watching the original...

  2. Lol! We definitely have the same taste!! Friends is a show we quote non-stop! We love Boy Meets World and The Big Bang Theory at our house too! =)


    1. Awesome! I love it when sitcoms are actually funny. I think those three shows are prime examples of how television comedies should be.

  3. I watch about half of these and totally agree that friends, SPN and TBBT are totally awesome. Love GoT as well, obviously. And Doctor Who is kickass too! :D
    I hear a lot about Avatar, must check it out.
    Happy reading!

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  5. I have ever encountered in prime-time television. Still, every episode manages to keep me glued to the screen

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