Friday, October 10, 2014

So, I was wandering around the blogosphere, randomly clicking on event links in an effort to discover new blogs (which, by the way, is a GREAT way to discover blogs), when I discovered this awesome event! Hosted by Jackie @ Bouquet of Books, Dani @ Entertaining Interests, and Mina @ Some Dark Romantic, Zombie Apocalypse: Survival Kit & Crew is an event that was created to celebrate premiere of the new season of The Walking Dead on AMC October 12th. Basically, bloggers must post their ideal crew & survival necessities based on the given categories. 

What makes it difficult is that you can only choose one person or item per given category, so you really need to choose wisely. After much careful thought, I have decided on the following:

*Items you already have on your person: undergarments, a shirt, bottoms, socks, tennis shoes, and a backpack

A Character from The Walking Dead
Daryl Dixon
Because he's Daryl Dixon, DUH!

A Character from a Book
Katniss Everdeen
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Katniss is an amazing shot with a bow and arrow, making her an excellent stealth fighter - when killing zombies, it's always better to be quiet so as not to attract the attention of even more zombies. Plus, she's a survivor.

A Character from a Movie
John McClane
Die Hard
John McClane is a complete badass, and he's also really great at getting himself out of dire situations. What's more - he's trustworthy, which would mean a lot during a zombie apocalypse. You'll always need someone who's got your back.

A Character from a Television Show
The 10th Doctor
Doctor Who
Because he's clever. And, TARDIS or not, if you ever find yourself needing to make a near-impossible escape, this is the guy/alien you'd want by your side.

A Loved One
My Brother Martin
Because it's always good to have a paramedic around.

A Friend
My friend Olga
Because I would miss our conversations. And I'd need someone to keep me sane.

A Freebie
Dean Winchester I was really gonna leave him out of this? Dean Winchester can kick some major ass, and he's insanely loyal.

1 Comfort Item
Space Blanket
It can prevent hypothermia, be used for warmth or insulation, become a makeshift waterproof bag, or reflect the sun to create a signal for other survivors.

1 Weapon
An all-in-one weapon. It's light, efficient, and can be used to both bash-in zombie brains and pry open doors.

1 Luxury Item
A 3L Bottle of Jack
Might as well go can be used as a disinfectant, but I can also drink it. So yes.

1 Food Item
It provides complete nutrition, which would be a rare thing in a world where you'd pretty much have to take what you can get when it comes to food.

1 Medicine/First Aid Item
Because why would I wanna make it through a zombie apocalypse only to die from a stupid wound infection?!

1 Hygiene Item
Hand Sanitizer
A simple and effective way to kill germs without having to waste my water supply.

1 Freebie
LifeSaver Water Bottle
Because water is a precious resource, and this would be one of the best ways of converting water sources you normally wouldn't touch with a ten-foot-pole into viable drinking reservoirs.

A small town somewhere in the middle of Texas, because Texas is bad-ass. And it'll be easier to find guns and ammo.

It probably started in China. Because why not? China is effing huge. Plus, the large population combined with globalization would ensure that the virus spreads quickly and efficiently. It's everywhere now.

I'm gonna say it'll probably be because of the money-hungry pharmaceutical industry. And bad hygiene. I can easily imagine some poor rotting corpse, pumped full of who knows what kind of drugs, causing some unsuspecting scavenger munching off of it (a rat, wild dog, etc.) to become a host to some freaky new strain of virus, that leads to re-animated (and hungry!) corpses once it mutates and carries over into humans.

Cure (if applicable)
Nope, there isn't one. The zombies may eventually rot away to extinction, but you'd have to survive long enough to see it happen. Sorry humanity, you did this to yourselves. Greedy bastards.

1 Item You NEED To Find
A silencer, because it would minimize the amount of nearby walkers that would hear you on that zombie killing spree you go on once you find some guns.

1 Item You WANT To Find
A cure. But you won't find it, because as I said, there isn't one. Sorry. You could continue to hope, though.

Method of Travel
Anything and, horse, feet, motorcycle, would depend on the situation, but I'd be inclined to use any and all available resources.


  1. Very clever post! LOVE it!
    Katniss and Dean...great choices and the reasoning behind them. :)
    And ugh! ... Hand sanitizer. I wish I would've put that.
    Thanks for participating in the bloghop!!!

  2. well, at least neither of us will be dying of an infection :) And Hand Sanitizer!! D'oh! There goes my clean water supply :|

  3. I was laughing thru this whole thing!! Clever and witty and I love it!! I'm glad you found us too!! Hopefully we meet up in the apocalypse... I will be needing some hand sanitizer for sure!!!

  4. 'Sorry humanity, you did this to yourselves. Greedy bastards.' ROTFL! So much win here! I dig the idea of Texas as a resource for weapons/ammo. Also enjoyed your pictorial approach to the zombie apocalypse; rock on!

  5. John McClane and The Doctor are awesome choices. Aw, let's face it, your entire crew rocks! I enjoyed your entire post. Thanks for brightening my day with your humor!

  6. Great idea on the penicillin.That would be ironic dying from an infection from a flesh wound or something when zombies are invading the Earth.


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