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My Top Ten Bookworm Delights

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 with 2 comments
This week's Top Ten Tuesday is about our top bookworm delights, which I'm taking to mean the little bookish pleasures that I receive or take notice in. Honestly, being a reader is a pleasure in and of itself, but I am a huge nerd when it comes to reading, and nerds love taking pleasure in all the "little things" related to their fandoms, so I had no trouble at all coming out with this list. Without further ado, here are my top ten bookworm delights:

1) When There Are Designs On The Page Ends.

Such as the red birds that are printed on the side of Ketchup Clouds, by Annabel Pitcher:

If anyone knows what this style is called, can you please tell me? Also, if you know of any other examples of books that also have designs on the sides (other than the spine), I would love to know! I have no idea if there is a proper term for it, but it was a nice surprise to see it - I LOVE the extra touch!

2) When An Author Uses Your City As Their Setting In A Book.

I'm from El Paso, so trust me when I say that almost nothing ever takes place here, be it movie, book, TV show, your cousin's bat mitzvah, etc. NOTHING. So when something does happen here, I take notice. And yes, I get delight from it. So thank you, whoever decided to make Jaime Reyes (a.k.a. the Blue Beetle) from El Paso. THANK YOU!!!

3) When You Read A Book That Puts You In Research Mode.

Like when Me Before You had me researching what Dignitas was (it's real, people!!!) and things that a paraplegic individual could do for fun, or when The Martian made me look into what would and what wouldn't be possible to do when trying to survive on Mars.

4) Finding A New All Time FAVORITE Book To Love.

There is nothing like that feeling you get when you are reading a new book and you just know that it's going to be a new absolute favorite! As they say, "Nothing beats a first kiss!" And, on that note....

5) When You Read A Book So Good That Afterwords You CAN'T EVEN.

Do you know that feeling of "book shock" you get when you finish reading something so amazing that you just can't do anything else afterwards but sit in silence with your feelings and stare at the ceiling? I absolutely love that feeling. In fact, I crave it. It's actually what keeps me from devouring one book after another, because sometimes I need to finish processing my feelings before I can even think about starting a new book.

6) When The Book You Had Put On Hold Ages Ago Is FINALLY Available To Pick Up At The Library.

I love it when I get a call from the library to let me know that a book is ready for me - especially when it's one that I had forgotten about, or one that I'd been waiting on!

7) When You Find Someone Who Not Only Loves To Read As Much As You Do, But Who Enjoys Nerding Out About It, Too!

I recently became a part of a *small* online community on FB that nerds out about books as much as I do (we know each other from a larger group that we're all in), and it has been one of the best discoveries, ever! It's just so much fun to nerd out about books with other people who love to read! I love the internet.

8) When A Book You Love Is Released In A Gorgeous New Special Edition.


Such as the illustrated versions of Harry Potter that are in the process of being released; or this gorgeous illustrated edition of The Princess Bride; or the special edition of Fangirl that was released with amazing fanart included on the inside covers. I love, love, LOVE special editions.

9) Cracking Open A Book And Immersing Yourself In The Smell Of Its Pages.

Yes, that's right - the smell. It doesn't matter if the book is old or new, I'll take a whiff of it either way. I love the smell of a good book! 

10) Basking In The Magnificence Of Your Bookshelf.

I don't know what it is about my bookshelf, but I just can't help but bask in its glow every time I see it. I love re-arranging my books until they're just right; I love adding new books; I love running my fingers along the spines, and stealing secret glances at it whenever I enter my room. Am I crazy? Maybe. Or maybe I'm just in love.

Do you and I share any bookish delights? Is there something missing from this list that should definitely be on here? If so, feel free to let know about it in the comments!


  1. Great list!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/04/26/top-ten-tuesday-54/

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with books that make me want to research all the things. I love them because I'm a curious person, and a book must be well written and intriguing if it encourages me to research certain ideas. (I've been researching the heck out of 18th century France and Versaille thanks to Sally Christie's Mistresses of Versailles trilogy). But, it can be incredibly frustrating because I'm already a pretty slow and distracted reader as it is, so research just draws out my whole reading process (which would be fine, except I run a blog, you know?)

    Also, I had no idea that there were books with decorated edges, but I kind of want them in my life now.


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