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The Harry Potter Tag

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Cassie @ Zombie Goddess Beauty has sorta re-vamped the Harry Potter tag by collecting 18 questions from around the Internets in one tag, so naturally, I had to participate! You can check out her answers HERE, and mine below:

1) What House Are You In?
Gryffindor! This is the house I always felt I belonged in, and it's also the house I was sorted into on Pottermore.

2) What Is Your Patronus?
Well....according to Pottermore my Patronus is a wild boar. I am slightly miffed by that, however. If I could choose, I'd rather it be a wolf.

3) What Is Your Wand?
Once again, per Pottermore, my wand is English Oak wood with a Unicorn hair core, 11 inches & with slightly springy flexibility. I'm quite pleased with it.

4) What Would Your Boggart Be?
Probably somewhere along the lines of Molly Weasley's boggart, by seeing the bodies of those I cared about.

5) What Position Would You Play In Quidditch?
For sure a keeper. It just seems like a fun, and somewhat realistic, position for me to play.

6) Would You Be A Pure-Blood, Half-Blood, or Muggle Born?
I feel like I'd be muggle born, but with wizarding blood far, far down the line (like too far for me to know that I have it). 

7) What Job Would You Want To Have After You Graduate From Hogwarts?
Oh, definitely an Auror! I'm a bad-ass that way.

8) Which Of The Deathly Hallows Would You Choose?
The invisibility cloak. How could I choose anything else?! Think of all the adventures that would await me!

9) Favorite Book?
The Prisoner of Azkaban. I just love everything about Harry finding out that Sirius is his Godfather.

10) Least Favorite Book?
It's a toss-up between book five and book seven, because EVERYONE I LOVE DIES!!!!

11) Favorite Film?
I suppose it would be the first one, because they were all so darned cute then!

12) Least Favorite Film?
Ummm....here's where I say that I haven't actually seen all of the films, only some of them (and I skipped some here and there). Sorry, I'm a book snob when it comes to HP, so I can't really answer this one.

13) Favorite Character?
Harry, of course.

14) Least Favorite/Most Hated Character?
It's a toss-up between Quirrell & Fudge.

15) Favorite Teacher At Hogwarts?
Professor Minerva McGonagall.

16) Least Favorite Teacher At Hogwarts?
Professor Quirrell!!!! Even moreso than Umbridge because of reasons.

17) Do You Have Any Unpopular Opinions About The Series?
That depends on what you would consider "unpopular," since almost every opinion on the series has a niche of followers. But I can say that I'm a bit snobby in that I love the books but don't care for the movies. Everything's just so much better in my imagination. Also, I like to pretend that Sirius is safe and sound, and I totally ship him with Remus. And I'm all for Harry/Draco, too. 

18) If You Could Save One Character From The Final Battle, Who Would You Save?

I tag anyone that would like to participate in this tag. If you do choose to answer, leave a comment with the link to your post so that I can check out your answers (or, if you don't have a blog, feel free to just answer in your comment)! Thanks for stopping by!


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