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Why I Became A Book Blogger

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Hello, readers! 

I just wanted to check in and give everyone an update on how things are going with this blog, and provide a light background on why I decided to become a book blogger in the first place. I know that I haven't been updating as often as I'd like, but I want to assure you that this blog is here to stay - I am just at a point in my life where I am making a lot of changes (including with this blog).

When I started this blog, I had just learned that book blogging was a thing, and browsing through books blogs for the first time had lit a spark in me that I hadn't felt in a long time. I used to be such an avid reader as a child, and breezed through Goosebumps and The Babysitters' Club books like other kids would breeze through an episode of their favorite cartoon.

I can't recall when exactly my reading habits had started to slow, but I only remember that it had dwindled somewhat in high school to the point where the only books I read where required readings or the occasional Dean Koontz novel, and then when college came it was almost nil. I was in a slump after college (and even during college, to be honest), getting bombarded with life events and family issues that felt like too much to handle. I knew that I had depression at the time, but my anxiety was so bad that I didn't feel that I could talk to anyone about it - in fact, I've had depression for well over 10 years, and it wasn't until a couple of months ago, in May 2017, that I finally was able to see a doctor for it, and get a proper clinical depression diagnosis.

But anywho, while I was going through all of this inner turmoil, I needed something to turn to, and so I decided to try book blogging out, since I felt it would give me a reason to read more. I always loved the comfort that I got from a good book, and challenging myself to read more for the sake of this blog kept my mind occupied and more often gave me that rare enjoyment that only comes when you've read a book that you truly love for the first time.

I'm very grateful for the book blogger community, and for this blog (especially for the numerous times that it has kept me in check with my reading!). While this past year I've been rather absent again due to unforeseen circumstances that have popped up in my life, I'm really hoping that things have settled down to enough of a standstill so that I can once again make a regular return to this blog. I'm going to be blogging again for myself, so that I can continue with challenging myself to read more, and to reflect more on my reading through book reviews and yes, memes (which are fun, and encourage me to think more creatively about the books I've read and hope to read).

Also, I'm not going to beat myself up about posting. I've always been relaxed with this blog, and will continue to do so - I've never kept to a regular schedule about having to post a certain amount per week or month, so I'm not going to start with that now. I always preferred posting when I felt a need or want to do so, and I feel no need to deviate from that path.

Thank you for sticking through this with me, and for taking the time to read this post. I look forward to seeing where this blog takes me, and I'm grateful to have you here with me! If there's anything you'd like to see more of from me, please let me know in the comments - I'd love to take your feedback into consideration when moving forward.



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